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About us Al-Hana Trading Company

Al-Hana Company in Saudi Arabia has been working for more than 15 years with specialized Taiwan expertise in supplying plastic machinery and equipment at reasonable prices and high quality, and also providing spare parts of all kinds. Experience, quality and reasonable price allowed us to enjoy the confidence of all its customers inside and outside the Kingdom through the selection of technical workers trained on the latest machinery technology to be distinguished in the service of maintenance and technical support and after-sales services and after the success of our success in this field has developed a new department in the world of machines And industrial equipment to meet the wishes of its customers where the work of this section with a specialized management and trained workers gave us the ability to excel over other companies in the supply, installation, maintenance and after-sale services, which makes us worthy to respect in all our area, A large number of our distinguished customers and big names in the world of automotive industry, trade, industry and governmental and private bodies, which enhances our ambitions to expand and spread, relying on specialized cadres in this field of art. Our company also has its own equipment for self-sufficiency for customer service. Area to serve the customer and promote the level of work to lead and lead.


Experience, quality and good price allowed Al-Hana Trading Company to earn the confidence of all customers within the kingdom of Saudi Arabia through the selection of well-trained technical personnel in the field of Factories equipment’s technology to excel in the maintenance , technical support and after-sales services so that Al-Hana Trading Company customers can rely on – to meet their needs – in order to achieve our first goal leadership in the workshop and equipment’s field and to be the first partner of success to our clients AL-Hana Trading Company seeks to have a more spreading steps in the field of research and development of workshop equipment’s, AL-Hana Trading Company is your gate to supplying establishment or your Factories with the best machines no matter big or small.


Our objectives and principles are the standard for measuring the level of our success and commitment towards customers from all members of the group and its staff and representatives in the success of the tasks entrusted to them and as a goal and legislation to avoid it.

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